The Photo Thermolysis Machine works in a unique way that delivers energy in a predertermined target. The Photo Thermolysis Machine distributes energy equally on a large area 15x15 mm and the temperature on the skin doesn't exceed 70 degrees C. This allows deep penentration of light into the skin with no damage to it. The result is a superb hair removal treatment method with no treatment pain or discomfort to the patient, applicable for most skin types.

Emitting gentle pulses of energy that pass through the skin and penetrate into the hair follicle, it removes unwanted hair on all areas of the body regardless of the skin tone. During treatment, the hair follicles absorb the energy from the laser, which disables or reduces the ability to produce hair.

In addition to hair reduction, the laser uses energy pulses to target the blue, purple, and red vessels that comprise various vascular blemishes, as well as sun spots, discolored patches and freckles. This laser treatment usually requires no downtime, and it uses a cooling system to provide continuous skin cooling during the treatment.



The DermaPod is a high performance, dual system microdermabrasion device, it is used to create an ultimate rejuvenation treatment which begins with skin resurfacing. By removing the upper layers of the epidermis, the skin becomes more receptive to photo treatments and micro currents. During this phase the Derma Pod projects a controlled steam of natural mineral crystals to gradually erase flaws and blemishes. Each pass removes a precise amount of surface cells revealing newer and healthier skin. It refines pores, coarse and granular skin, reducing uneven pigmentation while smoothing superficial scars and blemishes.

The DermaPod Turbo Flow system combines the latest technologies to bring superior, longer lasting results…controlling and, in some cases, reversing the aging process.