Yelena A. - Forest Hills, New York

"Emma is known for her amazing, quick, and clean waxing services. She does not waste any time and finishes the process before you even know it. Now I am an extremely shy person, always feel uncomfortable when it comes to Brazilians, however with Emma, considering how professional she is, it was very easy for me to trust her.

Additionally, I started a hair removal treatment with her which has given me superb results. There were no burnt marks, scars, and extremely less painful than laser hair removal. My skin has become extra smooth and I do not shave at all. If you want your moneys worth with excellent results, try Emma, you will NOT regret it!"


Barbara B. - Flushing, New York

"I’ve been going to Emma ( Skin Solutions) for a number of years on a regular basis for facials, waxing, tweezing, paraffin and many other treatments. Emma is a true skin care professional with a pleasant demeanor. She customizes my facials each time I come and uses the finest products.

I feel relaxed and well cared for and my skin looks years younger than my almost 50 years. My favorite facial is the 4 layer facial. Give Emma a call. You will be in good hands."


David S. - New York, New York

"In 2005 I was referred to Emma Stern’s “Skin Solutions” After many experiences with dermatologists and various spa/salon services (often disappointing in terms of service, product, attitude and price), I was ecstatic to find that Emma's approach to skin care reflected not only total professionalism and product knowledge but evidenced an unusual level of personal caring.

From the initial visit onward, sessions with Emma have proven to be informative, refreshing and relaxing. As a young professional male, skin care has become one of my priorities. Emma promptly addresses any specific skin care concerns that I may have i.e., acne, dark spots and wrinkles. She also provides timely information on preventative measures and products that can be beneficial to me.

Over the years, I have experienced a dramatic positive difference in both appearance and health. Thanks to Emma, my skin (and self-esteem) feels renewed, glowing and fresh. Everyone who cares about skincare should utilize Skin Solution's services. After seven years, I still receive the same impeccable service and courtesy I received on my first visit."


Li - Woodside, New York

"Emma has helped me so much with my problematic skin. From our initial meeting she made me comfortable. She asked me all details of my lifestyle and health to configure the best direction of treatment. I had very deep cystic acne which are extremely painful. She was very thorough and as gentle with me as possible.

I have been with Emma for 3 years now. My skin has never been as smooth and clear in my life. I love her. Her variety of product lines are great, she has gentle organic products that do the job perfectly."


Michelle M. - Queens, New York

"I came in to do an acne facial with peel and I was impressed. I did not have to tell the woman anything about my diet, skin care routine, et cetera. She told me what I was doing and advised what I should do to clear up my skin.

The facial took about an hour or so to complete and was well worth the price tag. She cleaned out everything!! The only downside is that it is painful but there is no beauty without pain! Every product she used was natural and not harah on my skin. She also made sure to ask if I was on any acne medications before she used anything. Overall, great experience and I will be coming back."


Alexia G. - Brooklyn, New York

"I am such a fan of Emma's work. She is truly talented at what she does. I wrote a review a couple of years ago when I first started to see her at a different location. I felt that I needed to update it. I purchased a Groupon at the time. I was skeptical, and wasn't sure. Over two years later, I can proudly say I really found a local hidden gem.

Whenever I have had a facial by Emma, I receive countless compliments on my skin.

Thank you so much."


Abby N. - New York, New York

"So, I hardly write reviews but when I do it's because it's amazing. I've been going to see Emma for the last few months honestly my skin has never been so clear. I used to wear makeup to cover my acne and now I don't even wear foundation. My skin is so flawless and clear. She is my skin doctor for life. She's so sweet and recommends products that are your skin , I use eminence organic skin care and my skin has never been better. I recommend everyone to go to her you won't regret it. She's amazing, I love Emma and thanks to her my skin has never looked better. Thank you Emma."


Shenny S. - South Ozone Park, New York

"I have been going to Emma for about 4 years now . I am currently 21 years old and I have been dealing with annoying pimples here and there . Emma is such a patient, knowledgeable and amazing person . When I go to her it's for an acne facial. She cleanse my face and takes her time in doing extractions properly . I don't think I can find any spa that would do what Emma does for a acne facial . She takes her time and always does a excellent job .she does other facials but my skin always needs the acne prone one because of how I break out . She does an excellent job at controlling my breakouts . I always leave there feeling my skin which doesn't feel like a crunch bar anymore. She is amazing and professional ! This is a must try in foresthills. Also walk with Exra cash! Her beauty products are amazing!"


Mary A. - New Hyde Park, New York

"I came here on a whim because I had the urge to get my first facial. Made a same day appointment and came late but Emma said she will wait and that it's okay. She was very nice and it was a great first time facial. She talked me through it and made my face glow. She insisted on tweezing my brows but that bumped the cost up $15 which seemed a bit excessive. She told me she does laser too which I am open to trying because she seems to know what she is doing. I would definitely come here again. She does recommend products but when I did a quick Google search and saw it was $30 less online I declined the offer. But can't knock her hustle!"


Vlad S. - Queens, New York

"I got a facial for the first time ever and it was such a great experience. Everything from the soothing environment, peaceful music and Emma's technique was very relaxing. I appreciate how Emma told me every step of what she was doing along the way. I had a wonderful experience will be back soon…and I feel like a brand new person!"


Jennie F. - Ridgewood, New York

"I had previously written a review about emma's facials, but i had to come write another review about the laser treatments she offers.

In the past, Emma had used a different type of laser. It required multiple treatments and while it thinned out my hair, it never got rid of it fully. But Emma now has some new, amazing laser (sorry, i dont know the technical names) that gets rid of my hair completely. I had my upper legs done over a year ago one time after previously doing the old laser for multiple sessions and i have not shaved there since. I just started my lower legs a few months ago which i have never used any laser on before. I have 95% reduction after only 2 sessions. The only downside to the laser is that I have rosacea so it can't be used on my face because it is super sensitive to everything."


Rhonda I. - Flushing, New York

"I have known Emma for many, many years. She is like family. She is knowledgeable and gentle. She is caring and professional. Due to life circumstances, I had not had a facial in many years. I went back yesterday and it was like seeing an old dear friend. I had a facial and purchased some products to start a new self-care skin regimen. I appreciated the respect and compassion of finding what worked for me both with my time and my budget. I learned of new procedures that can help me. I was 110 percent satisfied and highly recommend Skin Solutions! I left feeling relaxed, rejuvenated and happy! Really at peace! You will not be disappointed!!!! I am already looking forward to my next appointment!"


Kara Y. - New York, New York

"Went in for an acne facial and was charged additionally for some type of peel that I never asked for. I ended up spending close to $300 that day. She pressured me to buy her products, including a toner that she made herself that reeked of alcohol, when I said that I try to avoid putting alcohol based products on my skin, she had the audacity to say that there's no alcohol in it (lol). She came across to me as someone just trying to get as much money from you as possible. Not really sure of what all the positive reviews are about, she did no magic on my skin and there are other places offering the same thing with better service. Would never return."


Queens G. - New York, New York

"I had a great first experience with Emma. She was very kind and gentle! She squeezed me in last minute and gave me an amazing facial. I left with my skin glowing and my usually super red skin was calm and super smooth. I cannot wait to go back!"


Tatiana A. - Manhattan, New York

"Emma is really knowledgeable and kind. I had a facial with her I usually really sensitive with extractions. But she made me feel much better she even does a wonderful hand massage while your natural wonderfully scented mask is acting in your face.

Love it! Will definitely be back!"


Sandra R. - Astoria, New York

"I recently came to skin Solutions and I must say it is the hidden gem of forest hills! The name is very fitting! I have been dealing with hormonal acne, I was becoming very worried about the acne around my chin and neck area. I met Emma and she sounded very knowledgeable and experienced in skin problems. She targeted my problem area by doing a facial and a custom peel. I stay away from products that are non organic and natural and she was able to customize my facial to meet my concerns but also staying within organic and natural products. She was able to do extractions gently and efficiently. When she was done my skin felt soft and clean! Emma was also able to recommend products that would continue to help my skin, she was not pushy at all in selling products. I usually break out after facials but with Emma ever since I got my facial everyday my skin seems to be getting better and better! Thank you Emma for helping me feel more confident in my skin!"


MAL. - New York, New York

"I have to say this. I love love love this place. Emma is very knowledgeable with regards to skin care. She tailored facials to my skin and what i needed. my skin was flawless after and i cant thank her enough. the place is extremely clean and well kept. Even Emma herself is beautiful and so young.

HOWEVER as much as i want to give it 5 stars i cant because of her "European" attitude. and i get it I've been to Europe many times and people both man and women tend to be very pushy and may even come off rude at times. to them this is the normal but to me it isn't. I just wish Emma took a little more in consideration how she talks to people before their treatment which is where i felt uncomfortable. once she starts the facial all is good. other than her needing to be a little more welcomed and warm to customers I absolutely love this place."


Vince F. - Staten Island, New York

"As someone who has always had issues with body hair, I couldn't be happier with the progress I've made with Skin Solutions. After 5 treatments with Emma, my back and neck hair is beginning to disappear completely. I had a lot of doubts about Laser Hair Removal, but after the progress that has been made, I would recommend this to anyone who has thought the same. Great staff and place is very clean."


Carmen G. - Forest Hills, New York

"I see Emma every month for a facial and my skin has never looked better. Every time I leave my face feels so smooth and clear without it being red or irritated. I have also done the micro which has helped the texture of my skin a lot. I highly recommend skin solution! My mom and sister live in different states and every time they come to town they schedule a facial with Emma! She knows what she is doing and all the products that she has recommended have worked wonders on my skin. I will continue to go to Skin solution!"


Soraya Y. - Studio City, CA

"I'm in the modeling industry which means I need to have a great skin regimen! I can sometimes be careless, don't wash my face properly and work different jobs wearing makeup for hours which can cause stress & breakouts. I have 2 girlfriends that raved about Emma, since then I have been going to Emma religiously for the past 9 months and I try my best to get a monthly facial from her. I currently living bi-coastal between LA & NYC, and every time I come to NYC I make sure NOT to miss out on having her pamper and treat my skin. I don't trust anyone else with my face, she gets the job done and makes me feel and look amazing every time I walk out of the door after one of her treatments/facials. She's extremely knowledgeable and understanding of one's skin and needs, and recommends different products and explains their benefits without ever being pushy. Coming here is a pleasure from start to finish. Thank you for being so amazing Emma, I highly recommend her to all of my friends as well as potentially new clients!"


Robin R. - Queens Village, New York

"Emma has now introduced hydra facials. No more waiting while your face steams and no more masks. This new procedure makes my face so soft and smooth it's really incredible.

Emma is always on top of her game suggesting whatever treatment will best suit my skin at the time I visit.

Her new offices are modern, super clean and inviting.

A very, very relaxing experience. A must for anyone looking for a great cosmetologist!!!"


Alizia N. - Maspeth, New York

"I can describe this place using one word: "amazing" Emma is great!! She helped me remove an uncomfortable dark spot on my upper lip, her laser treatment was excellent. Before I had gone to Emma I spent lots of money trying to remove it…when I walked in, she took her time and explained everything including what to do after the treatment. I'm very happy with the results. I highly recommend this place. Emma is just awesome and a professional on what she does."


Moran B. - Merchantville, NJ

"Emma she's very accommodating and helpful. She made sure than me and my husband had perfect skin before our wedding. We managed to buy a package from her and went three times for each of us. The place is well maintained and Emma always offer great service. I had all my beautifying done here. She's my girl for all my facial needs."


Jennifer B. - Woodside, New York

"Emma is now doing the hydra facial which leaves my face incredibly soft and glowing. Trust me you'll see immediate results with the hydra facial. I cannot express enough on how much my skin has changed since coming to Emma. She truly knows what she is doing and only recommends the best products for your skin."


Michele D. - Forest Hills, New York

"It was my first time with Emma today. I'm a 57 years old woman, with a very thin and damaged skin. I let her decided what was the best for me, I just wanted a facial with extraction and asked questions about microdermabrasion. After looking at my face, she was honest and told me that microdermabrasion was not good for me because of my skin condition. She gave me a facial (and so many extras) with a collagen mask. I was so happy with the results! I'll be a regular from now on! Thanks Emma!"


Alex R. - Queens, New York

"Wonderful place! Emma greeted me with excellent customer service and answered a few questions when I stopped in for a consultation. Emma listened to my concerns and provided fabulous service. She handled my sensitive skin with care and I really appreciated that. I had microdermabrasion and a lovely facial. It was simply fabulous."


Christina M. - South Richmond Hill, New York

"Very nice place will continue to come here her acne facials are good and she got rid of all my black heads definitely good vibes here."