Wax Recommendations

For normal skin, Natural Pine Ressin Wax is recommended. For very sensitive skin, we recommend Azulene and Magnolia.

Hair growth must be approximately 2 to 3 weeks grown out. Please do not apply deodorant or lotion prior to being waxed. Please allow 24 hours before or after sun bathing or tanning beds as skin is more sensitive and may burn.

You must refrain from using waxing as a hair removal method if you are using Retin-A (currently or in the last 3 months), Accutane ( currently or in the past 6 months), other keratolytic medications ( that increase skin exfoliation ) or are recovering from a recent laser peel.


Paraffin treatment for feet and hands

Pamper tired and dry feet or hands with a luxurious whirlpool and special dermal scrub, which sloughs off calluses and dead skin and stimulates blood circulation. Then dip your hands or feet into warm lavender paraffin for fifteen minutes. After the removal of paraffin, customized cream or lotions are massaged into the feet and ankles or hands, leaving your skin smooth and revitalized.

Paraffin Treatment Video 

Paraffin Hands $20 (15 minutes)


Paraffin Feet $25 (15 minutes)


Treatments and Pricing


Full Leg with Bikini
Full Leg with Brazilian Bikini
Leg (Lower)
Upper Leg / Bikini
Bikini Wax
Brazilian Wax
Back Wax with Shoulders
Back Wax without Shoulders
Chest Wax
Full Arm
Full Arms with Under Arm
Half Arm
Under Arm
Full Face
Lip Wax
Eyebrow Wax
Eyebrow Tweeze